Lately, I have been rather intrigued and was hunting for more learning aid to help C with her spelling.

You can tell that I am very determined to throw out the traditional method of learning to spell new words. So while shopping for some presents, I was also on the lookout for something that C could use and this caught my eye. Tiles

Cheryl was terribly excited when she saw the tub of letters and literally begged to start. :) This was definitely a good sign and I am positively sure that our nightly spelling routine would be more fun.

Update: posted on 8 May 2011
I was extremely pleased that this method of Spelling works. :) Learning new words has become a more manageable task in the evenings and more importantly, she doesn't get tired out from the endless writing and drilling. She doesn't give me down-cast looks or frowns anymore and we are both happy! :)


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