Cheryl's 6th birthday celebration starts today... (I)

Now that C knows the months in the year, she eagerly awaits the arrival of April because she knows she will be turning 6. My planning for her party this year was not as smooth as previous years and a lot of arrangements were made at the last minute but thankfully they all came through. :)

This would be C's final year at Josiah and with approval from the school, we came along to celebrate the occasion with her and her classmates.

Cheryl has been looking forward to this day for a long time. 

Precious' cake for her teachers and friends.

Her lovely classmates!

This is the first time in the 4 years that C has been there that we came along for her birthday celebration.

Ms Novelle, Cheryl's favourite teacher. She has been with C for 2 years and her dedication is admirable.

Her friends loved the cake and even asked for second servings. We were relieved and happy that I made the right choice with the flavour because Ms Novelle revealed that some pupils do not eat chocolate cake.

This is a gift from Josiah. :)

We deliberately took the day off to take C out for a little fun and to spend good quality time together before she attends formal education aka Primary 1. So it was off to LiliPutt for a game of miniature golf.

The seemingly easy game took us about 1.5 hours and we didn't realise this until our stomachs started protesting. 

Our terrible score card! Hahaha! 

 Precious with Daddy! :)

We literally toured the entire island with this game of 18-holes, our first 18-holes. :)
Our Precious Cheryl.


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