telling time

I want to teach C to tell time... from a normal clock. Previously, C had been rather excited about getting a digital watch and reading time off because she knew her numbers.

These days, she would bargain with her when I wanted her to go take her bath and she would say, "5 more minutes" and when I came to her again after 5 minutes, she would be like "so fast?" Other times, she would ask me to read the time off our clock on the wall and ask me questions like why did I say it was "4.15" when she didn't see the number "15" on the face of the clock. 

Hence Daddy got her this aid. What we liked about it; the minutes were clearly printed on the clock face and when C gets to learn to read international time too. Nice!


Mummy Chan said...

Nice clock, where to get it please?

Mummy said...

Hello Mummy Chan

you can get the clock from "Growing Fun". They sell a lot of teaching aids that are meant for montessori teaching too.

we usually get our learning stuff from there. :)

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