Earth Day 2010

Today is Earth Day and we are all decked out in green. :)

Okay, on a more serious note. I learned something shocking last week and though a week has past, the message hadn't been forgotten.

We always thought that we could save Gaia by simply "Reusing", "Reducing" and "Recycling" and that Mother Earth's greatest enemies were the automobiles and the factories we have on the roads and in our countries. How wrong we were!

I am seriously considering going meatless (at least once a week) to do my part. :)


Fatboy Joe said...

I remember seriously considering going vegan many years ago. For me it was purely for vanity to go that direction.

Heard of the carbon controversy? If I got it correct, it is just another form of “astroturfing” (I learn this word from our PM Lee).

The basis of the argument is that people are greedy and will want more of everything. More pay, more shopping - more consumerism. All this will cost more carbon to sustain. And if there is only so much we all can burn at a time, you must burn less for me to burn more.

Go vegan only if you believe it will benefit you directly ‘cos it would take a miracle to change the mindset of 6 billion ill-advised souls.

P.S. According to Discovery Channel, the experts says that the real solution is to remove 30% of the world populations to continue burning at this rate. Sounds like something Hitler would preach?

Mummy said...

:) ahh... of course, vanity.

but what PM Lee said is true to a large extent. we are just too greedy and we want more of everything and we "buy and throw away" without realising the consequences of our actions.

people from the rich countries are wasting far too much that people from the poor countries are deprived.

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