"magic powder!"

When we were in Japan, a nice granny introduced this "magic powder" to C.

Apparently, to have this "magic powder" or Furikake, added to steaming plain rice is a norm during meals and C loves it!
My only regret, I should have bought more of this when we visited Nishiki market when we were in Kyoto. C has been asking for it to be added during dinner.


Ashley said...

i think u can get a variety of such appetizer 'powder' at Isetan Scotts supermarket, which sell alot of Jap stuffs. my mil usually buys quite a variety. Another kind is a type of seaweed , add inside the rice to cook 1. Ashley can eat alot of rice due tat that too! :)

Mummy said...


i have seen them being sold in small packets of 20. but it is costly. :(

usually i add those shredded seaweed. or those cut-out seaweeds. :)

but thanks for the info.

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