"I went for a massage!"

When C was younger, I had wanted to take her for massages. But I didn't know of many places that specialises in massages for babies so that plan was put on hold for the longest time.

Once, we went for a massage but she was doing all the watching and this afternoon, I asked her if she wanted to go for one and she said yes.
Precious, waiting her turn...

She was alright. She didn't protest violently or giggle continuously while she was being rubbed down. It must have been a rather relaxing one. 
We went for some dessert after that before heading home. Yeah, we like spending time with each other! :)

Mummies, if you are consider taking your tods, kiddos for a massage, you may want to check out these places:
1) Baby Spa for baby swimming and massage for about 1/2 hr each.
Venue: Northpoint Mall #02-52 Tel: 64894847,
           Harbour Front Centre #03-11 Tel: 62720061
           Plaza Singapure #03-03 Tel: 62386003
Cost: Non Members: $30 (small pool), $33 (big pool) - single session of swimming
         Members: $196 (small pool), $216 (big pool) for 10 sessions
                         $336 (small pool), $356 (big pool) for 20 sessions
                         $10 for baby massage

2) Inspire Mum & Baby for baby , toddler and kid massage and aquatics

Venue: Katong Mall #03-44 Tel: 63487781,
           Safra Toa Payoh Tel: 63554506
Cost: Up to $300 for 3 sessions

3) Tender Loving Touch for private lessons on massage techniques conducted in your home
Cost: $275 (3 sessions) to $475 (6 sessions) for 45 minutes per session
Contact: Gloria Wong at 91596155

4) KKH for baby massage programmes for babies 1 to 12 months old by physiotherapists
Venue: ehabilitation Department, B1 Children's Tower
Cost: Up to $84.42 for 3 sessions held over 3 consecutive Saturdays monthly.
Contact: 63941268 or email : pec@kkh.com.sg

5) Mount Alvernia Hospital for baby massage classes for babies 1 to 5 months old by physiotherapists
Venue: Rehabilitation Centre, Medical Block A, B1
Cost: $32.10 for single session held every last Saturday of the month
Contact: 63476203


Aunt Margaret said...

so sweet~!!!

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