greetings from Strasbourg and updates...

 This is the view from the window of his hotel room.

So Daddy has been away for 3 days now and counting... .
C didn't take it very well initially and especially so on Sunday after Daddy flew off. Uncle JM was very nice and kind to offer to drive us to the airport to see Daddy off and after we got back, C was asking me if Daddy would return the next day.

I told her that he would not be back till the next Saturday and she was silent for a while and then she started tearing. Then she went over to the refrigerator where we had some pin-ups of our pictures. She removed a picture and then went on to place it under her pillow. She said she wants to keep her Daddy close by.

Yesterday, I discovered that she had taken her Moo Moo (her luggage) out and it was sitting on the floor in my bedroom. C said, she is ready to go on a holiday now. I wonder what other surprises will she give me later today...


Chew Family said...

I never send him off cos I will cry! =(

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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.