irresponsible seller!

I am a frequent online shopper and over the years, have made countless purchases from online shops. I have also trusted my packages to be delivered after payment.

I know I have blogged about packages being lost but most of the time, they arrive safely.

But several weeks ago, I made a purchase which I regretted. The order was a combined one with my sister Jules and because there were several pieces of clothes this time, we opted for registered mail. However, our package never arrived.

After several emails, we were told that the address provided was incomplete. Immediately, I thought the fault was mine because I can be rather absent-minded and there was once where I did give a wrong address but thankfully, I managed to retrieve the package from my neighbour. So before I threw a fit, I scanned through my emails and realised that I did give the right address this time. 

Jules checked with the Seller and apparently, the seller had provided the correct address too. Then the seller dropped a bombshell. She told us that we have to pick up the package at the Post Office ourselves. Naturally, by this time, I was angry and completely mad because we opted for registered package for the obvious reasons!

A call to the Post Office also confirmed that the package could not be redelivered and I had to go down personally to pick it up and I did. I was all ready to scream at the staff at the Post Office because if the Seller had written the right address, then what so incomplete about it?

It also took me a while to collect the package because the staff could not locate it and told me that it had been sent to HQ! By then, I was fuming and not exactly polite as I had called the day before and was told to come down. But 10 minutes later, another staff managed to find it and handed me the parcel.

Then the mystery of the "incomplete address" was solved.

The Seller lied! The address that she wrote on the envelope was wrong to begin with and to think that she had insisted on putting the right mailing address was something unimaginable. And then to tell us that after paying for postage and extra for it being registered, we had to collect it ourselves is really the last straw. This is a TERRIBLE Seller and I will never ever make any purchases from her again.
I was telling Daddy on our way home that there was once where I ordered something online from another seller and although my package never arrived, this Seller took the trouble to call the Post Office to check. Mind you, that package wasn't even a registered package and there was no records. The reason why I never got the package was because the rain had smudged the address written and Post Office was unable to make that delivery.
The item was a cheap one: a staple-less staple which cost $3. The Seller however, made sure I still received it by getting her husband to drive it down to me. Now that is good service! What is a $3 item compared to this one which was $100? If that Seller could do this even though it wasn't her fault that the rain messed up the address, why couldn't this Seller do something about the blunder she made?


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