Potter's hands (Part II)

This evening, we went down to Clay Cove again to finish up the art pieces the children created.

The children were waiting anxiously for the brushes to be given out.

We took some time to pose for shots! :)

And then they got started...

Emma and Aaron were also concentrating on giving their art pieces coats of paint.

The intensed looks! Children hard at work!

Sheldon, deep in thought as he painted his plate.

C enjoying herself immensely.

The children's masterpieces: Brion's, Sheldon's and Jing Heng's.

Keziah's and Cheryl's works of art. C's piece seemed incomplete but the teacher assured me that after the firing and glazing, the unpainted portion would have a tinge of grey so it would turn out fine. I was asking C if she had spent her time chatting away instead of painting and she commented that it took time to paint each and every one of the tiny designs. Ha ha. Okay Baby, I could tell that she did make the effort. Besides, C was also very careful with the paint and made sure that she didn't have too much of it on her brush before she applied on her plate.

Aaron and Emma finally finished theirs too.

The children happily and very proudly posed with their certificates! :)

We were told that their pieces would only be ready for collection in 2 weeks so... we will have to wait and see how they turn out. :)


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