Charlie and Lola... and pink milk!

This brother and sister pair is C's and Daddy's (and sometimes, mine if I could complete the many little errands) nightly ritual. Laying on the bed to catch this 20 minute programme is something we look forward to every night and C is extremely fond of Lola, the 4 year old girl.

One of Lola's favourite is Pink Milk and C would often say its hers too. Then Daddy bought C some pink milk several days ago but only after a sip, C paused and then shook her head rather violently and said, "not nice." I guess it's because C is not used to drinking cold milk so everyday since Sunday, I have been giving her a little pink milk and now, we are happy that she is able to finish her cup.

Then she will say, "I like pink milk, like Lola!"

Now that she is appreciating her pink milk, she is using my words against me... . Milk, pink or chocolate or any other colours and I have no history. I didn't even like them when I was a baby. "Drink up, Mummy. It's okay if you vomit now. You can drink a bit everyday and soon, you will LOVE it, Mummy."

I was staring at the half filled glass of pink milk and I was looking at her and Daddy and the the pink milk and after much courage: nose-punching and all, I drank it up. Yes Cheryl. Mummy love you this much, okay. Of course, Daddy and C were giggling and laughing so hard it was difficult to ignore.

I will leave you with a clip of this adorable, and extremely loveable Lola and her truly patient and caring brother, Charlie.


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