we are doing work again... :)

The holidays are approaching and with my marking all done, C and I are now able to resume our evening activities.

I am also able to also dedicate more time to her homework too.

C is writing simple phrases now and I also got her to read these phrases. There is a marked improvement in her handwriting too. She used to write her phrases without spacing them out and Ms May actually got her to read out her work. When she couldn't blend her strange and funny words, she realised the importance of leaving a space between each word. :)

Here is Cheryl doing her reading:

Cheeky Cheryl!

We also did some simple word problem questions. C is able to recognise words like "are", "there" as these words were in the Reading Lists that were given.


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.