Life-cycle of a Butterfly

C and I did some reading up on the Life cycle of a Butterfly. Picture: courtesy of KwizNET

She found out that the eggs are laid on the underside of leaves and approximately 5 days later, the caterpillar will emerge. The caterpillar will then do nothing except feed on the leaves and grow. It will shed its skin 5 or 6 times to accommodate its growth. It will remain a catepillar for about 3 weeks and then it will attach itself upside down on a leaf or a twig and grows a tough case.

The pupa doesn't seem to be alive and it doesn't feed anymore. But the transformation takes place inside. It will stay at this stage for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Finally, a butterfly will emerge from the cocoon. It needs to rest as its body is still wet and its wings still very soft. When its structure is hardened and dry, it will fly off to hunt for a mate and the life cycle begins again.


ada said...

Thank you for the educational update.

Can't wait for Cheryl's butterfly to emerge!!!

Mummy said...

we are waiting patiently too. the chrysalis has turned black and shrunk even further.

i will take a picture of it this evening. :)

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