it's puzzle time!

C's been playing with jigsaw puzzles on a weekly basis but this was the first time she worked on a 60-piece one.

Prior to this, her largest puzzle was like a 20-piece one. It took her some time but she was able to find the pieces of similar colour and designs to match them together.


ada said...

Shall we frame the puzzle up?? It'll look beautiful.

Mummy said...

you do resemble that pic!!!! :)

hmm, i have already put it up with blue tag.. framed will definitely be nicer. hee :)

am getting her another one to work on later.

ada said...

Gimme the measurement of the puzzle so I can find the appropriate frame.

I love puzzles!!

Mummy said...

great! okay, i have a suggestion. cuz i have gotten her another 2 puzzles.
1 is of the same size as this one and the other one is vertical.

am wondering if can put the 2 of the same size ones in the same frame? side by side with a border? will it look good?

ada said...

Puzzle frames comes in limited sizes... so it may or may not be possible to frame 2 puzzles size by size. But will never know till we got the measurements. ;)

Mummy said...


the size of the horizontal puzzle (x2):
33.5 x 23.5cm each

the vertical one:
23.5 x 33.5cm

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