@ the Science Centre

Daddy thought it would be a wonderful idea to go to the Science Cenre since we had nothing on today. C was excited when she learned where we were going. She hadn't been to the Science Centre and I was telling her about the interesting things she would see.

We caught sight of some students there. The place was pack and just queuing to get tickets took about 20 minutes.


Daddy was telling C about some of the stuff featured. Science, somehow, never fails to intrigue.

C loved the water play area the most, for obvious reasons. Haha!


WaveSurfer said...

Loved the 'head out of the fruit bowl' photos! ^^
Nowadays seems like more and more places such as places of interests and shopping malls are incorporating a 'water playground', as it seems a sure-win to attract children's (and thus, parents') attention. ^^

Mummy said...


the science centre is a great place.. but then a lot of exhibits seemed to be "out of order" probably due to the excessive play..

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