our piano arrived.

Some time last week, we were recommended this piano and Daddy and I, together with C went down to take a look.

We got a professional down to help us test out the piano as we weren't confident ourselves. Although the piano was very reasonably priced, still it was a huge committment and I didn't want to get a second-rated piano even though it was second-hand.

Thankfully, Uncle Kasey nodded his head and commented that it was a great buy and that the piano has been exceptionally well maintained. C even played on the piano while she was there and she couldn't hide her delight when we asked her if she wanted it.

This afternoon, we eagerly waited for the arrival of our piano. C couldn't wait and the past few days, she had been helping me out with the clearing and packing of the stuff around the house. She kept asking if the piano had come and it was also her first question after she awoken from her nap.

Finally at 5 in the evening, it arrived!

After the movers left, C sat on the bench and started playing on the keyboard. The previous owners had left C some of their son's music books behind and C started working on the activity book almost immediately.

It's been 3 days since and every morning, even before C brushes her teeth or takes her shower, she heads for the piano immediately and will play on it for a few minutes. Daddy and I are glad that the investment is worthed it and even more happy that she goes to play on it willingly.


WaveSurfer said...

Sounds like a great buy! Looking at the prices of the grand pianos at Yamaha shocked me quite a bit. Most likely will have to settle for 2nd hands or just normal keyboards in the near future~ ^^|

Vivie said...

hey great buy! and more terrific for her to be willingly playing into it!

Mummy said...

ya! i am happy that it dint cost me a bomb! i was ready to part with a lot more. *heartache*

3 legged ones are definitely a lot more expensive. my advice, get a piano for long term investment. c got a normal keyboard and it only lasted her 1 yr because the keyboard doesnt have all the 7 "c"s that she needs to identify.

2nd hand ones are okay for starters. :)

yeah! she loves her piano to bits. we just returned from our holiday and the first thing she did when she entered was to run to the piano and put her arms and rest her head on the lid of the cover and said "i miss my piano". hhahaha

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