Storytelling and some singing!

Teacher Siew Li started the day's lesson with a little story telling. Cheryl was particularly interested as the book featured some of her favourite vehicles like the trains, and buses.

How clever! The story was like a prelude as the children had to learn to play the song later.

Cheryl also played with some dominoes.

Practice for note values.

Cheryl loves to sing and when Teacher Siew Li played this familiar tune, she was smiling and then broke out singing. Teacher Siew Li played it in different scales too and the children had to listen hard and then sing in the right pitch.


mother hen said...

hey, do u know of any music school who will take in 3.5yrs old on a one to one basis? I just bought book 2 and I think Kara can master it quite easily and Seimpi dun look willing to take her on one to one as yet.

Mummy said...

emailed you! :)

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