lots of misses...

I hate this part of my job.

I missed Cheryl's first day in school this year because I am a teacher.

I missed 3 discussions with Ms Sally because I had to meet up with parents on the last day of each term.

I will miss Cheryl's concert at the end of this school term because yes, you guess it, the school has its own concert.

How fair is this? I only have 1 child and you are telling me, I am going to miss every freaking milestone in her education life! And two weeks later, when the many parents are talking about the concert or post videos on their children's blogs about how well it went and so on, I would have that I-wish-I-were-there look and try to slowly creep away to cry silent tears.

In a morbid sort of way, I am glad I only have 1 child because I don't think it is fair for any thing more than 1 child to bear with such disappointments. Actually, I also have a weak heart and honestly, I too, can't bear to keep telling C, "Sorry Baby, Mummy has other children to tend to and they are more important than you are. Well, you know they aren't really more important but they can actually cost me a "D" at work and that would have terrible repercussion for at least the next 3 years so yes, they are more important."


Hazel said...

U know.. S (the lady downstairs) told me she actually took time off on the first day of school so she could take her kids to school..
And i think either JT or TKW actually didn't go for meet the parents cos their kids got concert too. hmmm forgotten who lioa. u can trying asking G.

Brenda said...

Did you ask to take childcare leave/ time off on those days? You can try asking... If boss is nice enough, he/she may let you go...

Mummy said...

hazel and brenda:
i will try to speak to them. :)

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