busy, busy...

As the school year is drawing near, I am also able to come back earlier than usual and these evenings, we have been busy.

C said she wanted to do some drawing so we got out her colouring pencils and she got down to business.

I asked her what it was that she drew and she told me it was a jelly bean. Hmm... I thought it resembled a cocoon of a silk worm but I was not the artist. Ha ha ha.

Then we did some revision on her alphabets.

I recently printed some activities from the Internet again. This time, it was some Math worksheet cum craft stuff where she had to join the dots base on the sequence of the numbers. Then after, she coloured it and I cut the pictures out and we pasted them on a nice blue piece of construction paper.

Our Spark's final piece!

This is definitely much better than what she usually did in the evenings where she either hogged the TV or the computer. :)


Joanie said...

hey can i have some websites where I could get some activity for k to do? Heehee..

Mummy said...

girl, i have emailed you. :)

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