no more scrapped knees

Cheryl's Granny fell and scrapped her knees some months back and when we found out, we told her to dump her crappy old slippers but being a rather thrifty person and not one to waste anything, she didn't.

When we came to learn that she fell yet again and bruised her knees again, I told Daddy that was it! I had to get her new sandals! Granny was reluctant and said she could wear mine but we all know what damage ill-fitted shoes can do to one's feet; she is a 6 while I am a 4, so I insisted on getting her new ones and more importantly, sandals of the right size as we can't risk having her fall again.

So Cheryl and I picked out this pair; it is pretty and modern looking and the straps at the ankles should be able to provide good and sufficient support.

hmm.. I do hope she will wear them and not keep them nicely in the shoe box and tuck them in her wardrobe.


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