Daddy, we have your back...

Daddy returned from work this evening and I knew instantly that something was not quite right. Usually, Daddy would pop his head in the showers and surprised C but he didn't do that this evening.

After dinner, when Daddy and I were having our little private time, he revealed that he had been wronged at work. Sigh... This particular boss of his doesn't like Daddy and has always been nip-picking him. In the years that I have known my husband, I have always found him to be capable and efficient and he always has a good reason for choosing a particular course of action. I have no doubt about his abilities at work but this boss apparently doesn't see eye to eye with Daddy.

When Daddy confided in me, I felt his despondence and my heart went out to him. This is not the first time that he is upset with work and at work but clearly he is very affected by what happened today. It really feels bad not to be appreciated and it feels worse when after all that he's done, his boss picks on the petty stuff. To stay on in a company, job satisfaction is of utmost importance and if one can't count on one's superior to trust and stand by his /her employees, then going to work becomes such a chore.

The entire evening, Daddy kept much to himself and the only person who could cheer him up was our Little Spark who showered him with her many kisses and hugs. I told Daddy that no matter what happens, we will always stand by him and he could count on me and our little girl.

Both my darlings are sleeping now and I hope, Daddy will feel better when he wakes up tomorrow.

I love you, Dear.


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