This is our latest indulgent!

After talking about it forever, we finally got down to actually getting it.

Daddy and I are now proud owners of the Honda Stream. Well, we haven't exactly got our ride because the colour that we want; cool amber is not in stock and the wait is about 3 months. Daddy had originally wanted to get the white one but we are so unwilling to pay an extra of $1200 for it.

You know what, I think I will miss our Hippo-rolla. It has served us well and as cliched as it sounds, it is our first car. We spent a lot of effort on it and I can remember fondly and vividly how we washed our car religiously every week; Daddy doing the exterior while I worked on the interior. Each session lasted as long as an hour to an hour and a half. It was truly our Baby until Cheryl came along. It is not that we don't care about our car anymore, it's just that, now with Cheryl, we rather be playing and spending time with her instead.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember those days! When we had excess to "free water". Hee hee...

Dunno why, we too, also hardly wash our bikes. We got no children leh so got no good excuse. Feeling shy liao.

Anyway, we are really happy for your new car. Can imagine the excitement in the anticipation. I think it is a good choice. Heard a lot of good reviews about this model.

Fatboy Joe

Anonymous said...

Hi, we are thinking of getting stream from Hup Leong @ Kaki Bukit. Saw your comment @ Singapore Motherhood forum that you bought yours from them too. As this is the first time we buying cars from PI, we would like to know how is the after-sale services from them and what about the warranty or service centre? We have ask around a few PI and their price is lower still. May i know which edition u're driving? EX or Style or RSZ?
Thanks for your help. I'm Tessa and my email address:

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