Intoxicating Ipoh June 2017 Part 2

The food! Oh, Ipoh has so much to offer when it comes to good food. Despite us being there for 4 days, we only managed this little bit.

In a town so rich in history, we often found ourselves seated in coffee shops that are more than 40 years old and the businesses being run by second or even third generation of their founders. Like this bak kut teh place, a place the locals go to for their fix.

Ipoh White Coffee - where it all started. 

Another coffee joint we visited. This place is fairly young compared to her cousins in Old Town. The crowd that it caters to is definitely different.

One cannot visit Ipoh and not eat this: 怡保芽菜鸡
There are so many places that sell this but we needed to go to the one we always frequented. C were amazed at the chewiness of the noodles and finished the entire bowl. The fat juicy beansprouts were crunchy - such a simple dish but truly satisfying.

Dim sum breakfast for 2 mornings. 2 different places, one visited more by tourists and the other by the locals. Both were good, I must say, and both offered different experiences. The former is a double storey restaurant while the other is nestled deep in a residential estate.

Salted baked chicken. Had to do a takeaway because they do not cater to dine-in. We drove right up to the store and from the inside of the car, gestured to the attendants in the store. Instinctively, they packed  and came out with our order. 

our dad's favourite! He wouldn't go without this each time he was in Ipoh. Luckily we were early that evening and got our seats before the dinner crowd came.

It was a choice between crabs and lok lok and C chose to eat this. :) Good choice, really because how often would one get to eat by the side of the road? 

One thing about road trips - we always have our eyes peeled for things we seldom see. C got to try fresh lotus seeds.

On our way to Teluk Intan, we stopped by Batu Gajar for prawns. We don't have such prawns in Singapore. C observed that they have such big heads compared to what we have at home.

Brycen's favourite! He loves the fried kway tiao!

The best chee cheong fun ever! We have been in love with this for as long as we have lived. Different states have their versions of chee cheong fun and this is Teluk Intan's. We can get it in Singapore (there is a restaurant right here in Singapore that sells this but the density of the "fun" isn't quite the same - way too thin) 

Our 4-day trip went by really quickly... 

and we were soon heading out to the airport for our flight home. 

Daddy said we should resume our road trips to Malaysia - there is still so much of exploring to do Up North and what better way than to do it with driving. :) So yah, we will. 


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.