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Blessed birthday, Daddy!

Written By Mummy N on 9 June 2017 | 2:00:00 pm

Daddy took some time off from work to spend time with us this holiday and our June break has been fantastic. This year has been hectic with C preparing and gearing up for her first major exam. As for the both of us, the break from work means we could finally slow down a little and do "lazy" tasks like watch television.

As Daddy's 41st birthday is around the corner and we decided to give him a treat.

Daddy and C love beef and I was wondering where to take them... I didn't want a steak bar so after some research, I decided on Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant at Marina Square Shopping Mall.

We spent a good hour and half there, enjoying the premium quality Wagyu beef. There was seafood too and sashimi which C loves. C had fun, slowing grilling her meats and seafood.

It was a fine way to idle the afternoon away :) and I do see us returning for future meals.