After about 3 weeks of agonizing wait, phase 2B: registration for church members started. We initially wanted to do it in the morning but because I wasn't able to take time off from work, we went in the afternoon. It was a good move too because C came along with us after her school.

After lunch, we made our way down...
The place was undergoing renovation works.

But we saw that the school was huge and even had its own running tracks. The guard at the entrance directed us to the General Office where the clerk checked that we had all the documents ready. We discovered that we were number 58 on the list. My heart skipped a beat when I saw our number tag. That meant that the school already has 57 other applicants out of a total of 86 openings.

Then we proceeded to a room and waited for our number to be called. C seemed pretty calm about the whole thing; she entertained herself with an e-book.

After all our documents were thoroughly checked, we were handed a registration form to fill in. 

Gosh! It was such a nerve-wrecking experience really because as we sat there to fill up the form, the door would open periodically and a new pair of parent would walk in. The lady at the final station who handed the registration told us that based on history, applicants living out of the 2 km radius of the school had to go through balloting and she said results would only be out in 2 days.

We just checked the updated status from the Ministry's website and saw that a total of 62 girls registered today. Well, tomorrow will be the final day for registration for this phase and at 6pm tomorrow, if the number does not exceed 86, we are safe.

We have been blessed this far and we will continue to have that faith.

(praying hard also for our friend, Sheldon, as his turn will be next.)


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