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Road Trip with Racing Team (Part 3)

Written By Mummy N on 15 December 2010 | 12:01:00 pm

This was the final leg of our journey and we headed out to A'Famosa at Ayer Keroh.
The condo unit that we were in. It was spacious.
 And the view from our balcony.

We drove out to Malacca for lunch and a little shopping and sight-seeing.

 Pretty Mummy Venika.

The next morning, we explored the theme park a little further and got the children their first ride on the go-kart.

Pretty Mummy Maureen and Allegra with C and myself.

C managed well except that she forgot to step on the brakes.

Well done!

Our Spark who must be mighty proud of herself! :)

:) Just glad that the children had fun.


edmund said...


Just dropped by from Kiasu Parents.

The go cart looks really cool...esp with the running commentary as well :)

How old must be kids be to drive the go kart?

Mummy said...

Hello Edmund
Thank you for visiting.

The go-kart is meant door kids from age 5 onwards. It's like $50Rm for 10 rounds but since we had so many children, we got them to go 2 rounds each and the younger ones who weren't old enough to ride, rode as passengers.

But if you child is tall, then not a problem as he needs to be able to step on the pedals.