Cold Storage Kids' Run 2010

We didn't participate in this last year and this year, when the registration of the Cold Storage Kids' Run came on, C said that she wanted to take part hence we signed ourselves up.
C all ready to leave for the venue.
This was where the event was held: F1 pit.
Happy children!
The flag-off was at 940am and C was extremely excited. She kept saying that she would run and do her best and she wanted a medal. The race that she had to do was 800m and Daddy and I were so proud of her because she managed the entire race without stopping until she crossed the finishing line. :)

Oh, of course the coveted medal. It didn't matter that every participant got one even though we weren't the first ones to cross the line but Daddy and I told her that all it mattered was that she did her best. 
The fantastic children! There were many proud Daddies and Mummies that day.


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