As The Reds Go Marching On!

Back in those days when we were teenagers, I remembered staying up late into the nights to watch 11 (or 23 plus the referee)  men run after a ball.

Manchester United was a huge thing then. Well it is still but some how though luscious, Daddy and I still very much prefer the old boys. Yes, those were the days of Cantona, Solskjær, Kanchelskis, Beckham and Keane, Irwin and Schmeichel.

When this song first hit the airwaves, it wowed many people and now, many moons later, even Cheryl knows of this song; she knows the chorus and can sing to it. 

So sing with us!
"Glory, glory, Man United!"


Fatboy Joe said...

You can actually still remember their names! I am truly impressed.

There must be something about soccer to attract 4 billion viewer in the last world cup.

P.S. How do you say it, "You'll never walk alone"?

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