"What do you want!"

A 14 year old girl curtly said this after I asked her for the hundredth time to sit down and do her comprehension exercise.

She was listening to her MP3 player earlier and I told her to put it away. I had to remind her thrice before she finally did and after I threatened to confiscate it. This was also of course after repeated reminders to get her to return to her seat as she was walking around the class. Then I had to wake her up because her head was perpetually glued to the table top. She isn't the perfect student, yes I admit but what got on my nerves was her rudeness.

"What do you want!" "What do you want!" in a louder tone of voice and definitely more forceful.

What do I want?

I want her to sit down and do her work for once!
I want her to complete her assignment for once!
I want her to just pay attention in class for once!
I want her to hand in something for me to mark for once!
I want her to learn something and not waste her life away!

I stared at her and her "What do you want!" became louder and more offensive. Then she retorted that I was emotional. Yeah, I am at fault for being emotional, for seeing that she will make nothing out of herself if she doesn't wake up, for even caring. 

Honestly I think to become a teacher, one must have a heart of stone. How much rudeness can one take? How much indifference can one endure? How much vulgarity can one bear? And the best part is, all these are coming from someone not even half my age.

There wasn't a word of apology. Not even a look of remorse.


Chew Family said...

I understand how you feel. Can empathise with you. Sometime I do wonder why I allow myself to be so angry over people who don't even love themselves... Learning to take things easy and to channel my attention and love to people who deserve it.

Mummy said...

hey girl

yeah.. must forgive and forget. and then go back into the class again because ultimately, life still has to go on.

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