"... but hair grows, Mummy."

It was dark in the room. Well, with the curtains drawn, even though it's only 6 in the evening, the room can be rather dim.

I walked over to turn on the reading lamp and was about to walk away when I thought I saw something in the rubbish bin. Upon closer inspection, my heart stopped for a minute and then I screamed out for C to come into the room.

She had told me earlier that she cut her hair and I thought she said she wanted to have her hair trimmed so I casually commented that Grand Mummy could do it this Sunday.

Mummy : Cheryl, did you cut your hair?
Cheryl : Yes, Mummy. I told you I cut my hair just now.
Mummy : Yeah, I thought you said you WANTED to get a hair cut. That's quite a lot of hair you snipped.
Cheryl : But hair grows, Mummy.

Now she made me sound silly. Of course I know hair grows but that's not the point!

Mummy : Please don't do this again. You will look ugly if you cut off too much of your hair.
Cheryl : Okay, Mummy. But hair grows.

Vain as she is, C doesn't seem at all bothered with what she did.


Chew Family said...

Gosh.. that's lots of hair!!! Oh no... it seems that children at this age like to snip their hair themselves. My son DIY twice and I nearly

Mummy said...

hey girl :)
hahaha! i think so too.

i told c i had to ponder over cutting or not cutting my hair and yet she does it just like that.



do you mind if i link you up on c's blog?

Chew Family said...

Hey Nat, just realised I did not complete my sentence...
Anyway, like what Cheryl said... Hair grows.... Well, only mummy will feel the pain when they chop off their hair!hehee.
Oh, sure... do link me up!

Diana said...

N, she looks different now?

Mummy said...

thankfully, no. the hair cut isn't that obvious. :) but when the hair is tied loosely, the part that has been snipped, the hair isn't long enough to be held back.

Wonderful Life said...

how she did it? just snipped off from her pony tail??

Mummy said...

wonderful life:
nope. her hair wasn't tied. she said she took a bundle from the side of her head and then just snipped them off.

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