English time!

These worksheets were printed a long time ago and C revisited them this evening.

In the past, evenings were spent doing C's homework before other things and often, after homework were done, there wouldn't be much time left for her to do other activities. Fortunately for the past 2 days, C has taken more initiative and will complete her assignment from Ms May by the time I return.

That means, we have more time to do fun activities! Well, C thinks they are fun. Ha ha ha!

It's like solving a puzzle actually. She has to colour designated words and then guess what was hidden in the picture. But of course she could already tell but I told her that there are instructions to follow for all games so she dutifully did her colouring.

Unlike Daddy Dearest who is able to invent games to play with C, my time with her is always spent doing "more serious" stuff. Then I got worried because I don't want to be seen as "all-work-and-no-play" Mummy. How cool would that be, right? That's why I have been asking C if she enjoyed doing such writing and reading sessions with me.

Thankfully she replies (everytime) that she loves doing these exercises.

Then she went on to do another piece of work where she had to identify the correct nouns to the corresponding pictures.

She breezed through this activity. Ha ha!

I am glad she likes doing them. Otherwise, I will be cracking my head and tearing my hair out, thinking of games to play with her. Or I can get Daddy to play with her in the evenings... Hee.


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