really busy night!

We got really busy this evening!

C has asked for more puzzles so I bought her 2 instead. When she saw them, she was thrilled beyond words and started working on 1 immediately.

This time round, I made it tougher for her. I got her to examine the picture on the cover more closely and told her to look out for key items. Then I put away the cover and she had to recall what she saw.

Then I saw that she didn't start with the edges like we usually would. Instead she zoomed in on particular features and colours and then looked for similar patterns.

Her masterpiece was done in no time! :) Aunt Linda was saying that she would look for a pretty frame to hold her puzzles. Thank you!

Next, we worked on some addition. These worksheets are new as C has completed her old ones.

And some English. C is able to read the words more fluently now and she has no problems blending these simple words.


Mousonhouse said...

Wow! Perfect job!

Your girl is really smart! I am impressed. :)

Mummy said...

thank you! :)

tigger said...

I am really impressed by C's ability to do the puzzle on her own and also doing the additions!

Well done!

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