the Lunar New Year is around the corner...

Preparations for the Lunar New Year only just started for us as I have been busy these days, with work and with coping with work.

It is true that the new school term has only just started but there seems to be countless and endless things to be done. Marking is already spilling over and then I still have to rush back to take C to her weekly music and ballet classes. By the end of the week, I will be beat and then before I know it, a new week is starting and the mad rush starts all over again.

Besides, Aunt Di and Grand Mummy have been up to their necks with the baking of cookies and new year goodies so there isn't much time to do any shopping. But we finally got down to getting some necessities today.

My very resourceful colleague, Hazel organized a shopping trip for our fellow teachers last Friday and they returned with many bargains so I noted down the address and my darling husband, besides nursing a blocked nose and running a temperature, drove us to get some things. *love you to bits and I am very thankful! :)*

Grand Mummy bought some seafood from this factory and we also went to the other factories down the road.

The new year wouldn't be complete without bak kuah and mandarin oranges and the trip was rather fruitful as we managed to get some for a very good price. :)

It is finally beginning to look and feel like the New Year is coming.

*photos were kindly taken by Aunt Di*


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