C, "the piglet"

C had dance this evening and she was all geared up for it. She woke up from her nap without a fuss and had her dinner quickly.

Once we got out of the train station, she immediately insisted on having her picture taken.

When her class started, Ms Blue told me to change her into her ballerina get-ups. I was pleasantly surprised because the previous time we were there, it didn't seem like Ms Blue had taken C's measurement so naturally we weren't expecting this.

Cheryl was totally transformed into this really sweet girl after she donned the dress and leotard. I didn't manage to take any videos this time as she was standing at the other side of the dance studio and was rarely in sight except for a few seconds.

When Daddy saw her, he exclaimed, "Cheryl, the piglet!" as she was all pink.


Diana G.B. said...

That's very cute. I got her a pink bag to bring for her ballet class.

Mummy said...

Oh!!! You shouldn't have! But thank you.

She was very happy and she loved her dress. :)

ashmummy said...


welcome to the BALLET CLUB! hehe! u look so sweet in the ballet costume!

Mummy said...

:) hey ashmummy:
thank you.
c loves her ballet classes and now that she has the dress to go along with the steps, she is even more keen on going to class.

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