I collected my Eco-Rhapsody Mikado FLOWER bag, compliments from Mediacorp over the weekend.

I really love the design!

- Lightweight, portable, waterproof, reusable, affordable.
- With reinforced seams, each surprisingly large bag holds the equivalent weight of 2 supermarket plastic bags.

And…they’re really, really cute!!

And why I truly adore it:

The large bag folds into this really handy, tiny thingy which I conveniently drop into my bag. :)

I usually will go groceries shopping on my way back after work and on several occasions, (before I collected the bag) I would give the supermarket a miss because I hadn't got any recyclable carriers with me. Either that or I made consecutive trips, one evening after another to get all the things I needed because the bag I carry to work is only this big.


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